1. Signing up & Registration

You can purchase entries online. Pairs & teams you don’t need to confirm your final team line up at the time of signing up for the event, but we must have this information by 6 weeks prior to the event. You can complete the registration here (you will need your PayPal invoice ID). We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you do not provide this information at the “6 week prior to the event” point.

2. Registration Rules when you arrive at the event

All teams must sign in, register and collect their race numbers & timing chips  by 11am on Saturday morning. These will not be posted out before the event. Only one person per team (preferably your race captain) is allowed to be inside the race day registration area. It is your race captain or representative who is responsible for checking your team’s details are correct and your team is entered into the correct category.

3. Race Timings

The race will begin at 12 noon on Saturday and will finish at 12 noon on Sunday. If you have started a lap before 12 noon on Sunday, you will be allowed to finish your lap and your time will count as long as you finish by 1pm (on the Sunday!).

4. Results

The winning team is the team who completes the most laps in their category. In the event of there being a tie, it will then be determined who completed those laps in the quickest time period. For example …

1st Place – Team A – 10 laps completed in 24:04:00
2nd Place – Team B – 10 laps completed in 24:13:00
3rd Place – Team C – 9 laps completed in 23:10:00

To confirm, We will judge the winning teams based on who has completed the most amount of laps in the shortest time.

5. General Race Rules

Every participant in the event must wear a race number at all times. You must advise us before the event if you have any medical conditions or allergies we should be aware of, and also write these details on the back of your race number.

Each runner must complete at least one lap during the 24 hours for your teams score to count.

You can run as many consecutive laps as you want to.

All participants must carry a light from 8pm on Saturday to 6.30am on Sunday. You can carry your torch, but we strongly recommend a head torch. Please make sure your torch is fully charged or you have spare batteries.

Cheaters are not welcome in this race! Anybody caught taking short cuts, cutting corners, substituting unregistered runners and any other forms of cheating will be instantly disqualified – either the cheating solo runner, or the whole team.

All participants must agree to make as little noise as possible between 10.30pm and 6.30am, this is the event “quiet time” and people wanting to sleep must be allowed to do so.

The lap counting and timing for the event will be carried out by an independent and outsourced professional chip timing company. Suffolk Trail Festival will not be responsible for lap counting or timing of the event. We will be posting timing updates and also on our website so you can check your teams position via your mobile phone.

6. Specific Race Rules for Solo Runners

You must complete at least one whole lap to qualify for an official time, lap score and finishers medal. You can take as many breaks you want for as long as you want, but you must enter and exit the course at the start and finish area and leave your baton at the race start & finish area so we know who is on the course and who is not on the course.

7. Specific Race Rules for Pairs and Team Runners

Each member of your pair or team must complete at least one whole lap to qualify for an official time, lap score and finishers medal. You can only swap runners inside the official start and finish area. If your team decides to not run for a period of time, you must enter and exit the course at the start and finish area and you must leave your baton at the race start & finish so we know who is on the course and who is not on the course.

8. In case of a medical emergency on the course

Qualified First Aiders will be on hand at the race head quarters to assist with any emergency injuries. Please note you should seek medical advice from your local GP if you are in any doubt as to your health in competing in this event. The organisation will not be held responsible for any injury, accident, loss or damage that may arise before, during or after the event as a consequence of a competitor’s participation in the race.

If you are injured on the course please speak to one of the marshals who will contact the first aiders.

If you see another runner on the course who is in distress, it is your responsibility to stop and help this other runner. If you run past somebody who is in serious medical difficulty without offering to help, you and your whole team will be disqualified from the event. We will have trained medics at the start finish area, and a mobile response team on the course at all times over the 24 hour period. If you see another participant in distress it is your responsibility to raise the alarm and contact our medical team or contact your nearest race steward who will radio for help.

8. Age Limit

The age limit for the 24 hour solo entry is 21 years.

The age limit for the 24 hour team entry is 18 years.

Photographic ID will be required at race registration.