It’s bingo but not as you know it!

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On October 1st participants will be issued a unique bingo card, made up of 16 numbers, ranging from 1-40.

Each number will represent kilometres! Eg. 10 = 10k 33 = 33k etc


The object of the game is to cross each number off your bingo card by running the equivalent in kilometres by the end of October!



> Only one number can be crossed off per day!

> Your run data (strava, garmin etc) must match the number on the card! We will allow you a few metres after the main number, so if your card reads 10 and you register 10.7k this is fine! 11 Is not!

> Higher numbers can be completed in multiple runs on the same day, just pause the device in-between so the final total tallies with the bingo card!

> Running, walking, jogging and crawling are all acceptable.Taking a bus is cheating.


The first person to complete their run bingo card (by crossing off every number) will be crowned STF Run Bingo Champion and win a cool prize courtesy of our friends at Lets Run!

Finisher certificates will be issued to those that go on to complete their bingo card by October 31st!


Not all bingo cards are equal! This is very much luck of the draw so you may end up doing a few more kilometres than your competitors, or maybe less?! Who knows!?


Tips! Think about what number you’d like on that last day!


Cost: Adult £5

ALL race proceeds will benefit St Nicholas Hospice Care, you can find our more about the invaluable services they provide by clicking on the link below!

Be Social

Head over to our Suffolk TrailFest Community facebook page for fun chat and to discuss tactics with your fellow run bingo participants!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SuffolkTrailFest on social media platforms so we can share your Run Bingo shenanigans!

Race Guidelines

Please adhere to social distancing guidelines and Covid-19 safety measures.

Please be mindful of your neighbours, countryside and community.

Be Safe, Be Seen. Please wear hi-visibility clothing and a head torch between dusk and dawn.

Only enter this challenge if you are physically fit to do so!