Meet our Suffolk Trail Festival Ambassadors (The A-Team)


You may recognise Ben as a contender from BBCs Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week or more recently for hitting the headlines when becoming a Guinness world record holder for the ‘Fastest Marathon Carrying A Household Appliance’. Yes, he’s the guy that ran the London marathon with a whopping 25kg tumble dryer strapped to his back!!

Bens love of running goes way back having completed over 175 races, his favourite distance being marathon with an impressive 2:48:51 pb under his belt. Ben has raced numerace distances including ultras, up top 100 miles. It’s fair to say he likes a challenge!

We met Ben at STF19 and loved his friendly chat, crazy ideas and ambitious drive..

We’re delighted to introduce Ben to you as one of our 2020 STF ambassadors, he’s crazy about running and we think he’ll be an asset to the team!


We’re delighted to welcome Melanie to the A-team.
Mel started running 5 years ago in a bid to keep up with her son but quickly became hooked! Since then she’s gone on to run 20 marathons and 5 ultras!
She’s set herself some ambitious goals too, currently working towards her aim of completing 100 marathons and also hopes to complete 100 miles within 24 Hours.
Will STF 2020 be her year?
Mel, we love a gutsy girl with big dreams and look forward to following your journey to sub24!

Welcome to the team!


Twins, Bobbie and Jacks passion for trail running was sparked by their dads first ultra marathon at Suffolk Trial Festival . Inspired, they asked to go running with him, which later led to them becoming regulars at junior park run where it became apparent at aged 7, they had a natural ability for running. They both took part in the 3K and Jack even went on to complete two full 5 mile support laps with his Daddy. Wow!

Bobbie & Jack just love being outside but are also happy supporting others, they made excellent volunteers at water station 2 this year.

We think you’ll agree Bobbie & Jack make brilliant STF ambassadors. Their enthusiasm is infectious and we love that aged just 7 they are already giving back to the running community. We can’t wait to see them return to STF in 2020 and look forward to following their progress over the next year! Welcome to the team!


What started as a couch to 5k and a half Tough Mudder in 2016, quickly led to Eloise completing a Spartan trifecta, Brighton marathon and later this year she’s hopes to complete her first ultra!
“I’m always looking for a new challenge!”
Following Brighton, Eloise decided to switch the tarmac for trails.
“I love having the freedom to move and ‘play’, It’s the best feeling and really good for my mind”.
Eloise entered the STF 24 hour race with her Field Fit team.
“I’d definitely say I’m in it for the fun of it. Not really chasing times but having fun and making memories”

We’re thrilled to welcome Eloise to the A-Team and look forward to following her transition into ultra running later in the year.



Although he discovered running back in his school days, it was 2009 before he decided to sign up for his first race, a road 10k quickly followed by a half marathon.
He then went on to complete over 17 half marathons and 5 marathons!

More recently, Kevin has switched to the trails. “I just find the mindset totally different with trail running, it’s much more relaxed than road running and there is a real sense of enjoyment and surprise with trail running as you never know quite what to expect”!

For the last 2 years Kevin has been co-ordinating a run community and introducing others to the enjoyment of trail running.

Kevin, we totally get it and are as passionate as you are! 😀

Another brilliant addition to the A-Team.

Welcome on board!