Our passion is to create an event which is friendly and inclusive of all ages and abilities.

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Below are a few of the of messages we also received:

James Matthews “What an amazing experience. Such a friendly atmosphere, so well organised. Beautiful trails. Great food, music and company.”

Nick James: Thank you Kelly & Katie for drawing together this collection of amazing people for a fabulous event/s. I think it really optimised the running community and all the support we are blessed with from these lovely people. Thank you one and all without you my legs wouldn’t hurt today but equally I wouldn’t be sporting a massive grin and a medal of smugness!

Nicola Green: It was brilliant and so well organised. Loved every minute of it and will definately be back to do another one. Thank you so much to everyone who organised and helped. The volunteers were so friendly and helpful. Their enthusiasm was amazing

Lucy Marsh: Each and everyone of you were amazing the support, laughs and encouragement was amazing. Such a lovely intimate event felt like a real family.

Jamie Lysek: Thank you to everyone who helped to organise such a brilliant event. Memories made that will last a lifetime. Its easy to take for granted just how much hard work goes on behind the scenes to put on a successful event like this so thanks again to all of you amazing people. I hope you can now enjoy a well deserved rest now. Really hope its on again next year.

Jonathan Finch: Thank you to everyone involved – an amazing weekend. Only problem is that my children now think that’s what all camping weekends should be like ! Thank you to everyone.

Bodymode Running Club and friends signed up two teams of 8 for this event and the feedback has been universally positive. We all had a fantastic, albeit sleep deprived, weekend… From the comments on our Facebook community page we will have no problem raising a third team next year. One of the things we loved was the personal touch from Katie and Kelly who were real stars and we hope that will remain a feature as the event grows. For myself I loved the little chats with the volunteers on the water stations on the way round… and I am grateful to the young lad who ran after me to tell me I was going the wrong way after the second water station ? ? I should point out that I could get lost in my own garden! A huge well done to everyone involved in putting this event on…

Phill and I would just like to thank you for putting on such a wonderful event. We know how much work you would have had to put in before the day and then having to manage everything on the day(s) must have be challenging; well done to you both. A very friendly event and we felt supported for the whole 24 hr periods. We both appreciated your, and your teams, positive and understanding nature.

On our last few legs we did say a big thank you to those at the checks point but we did not see all of those wonderful volunteers; please convey our thanks. It must have been a very long night for them but as we approached each check point they jumped up, handed out the water, and were very supportive. My grunts and groans would not have articulated my appreciation!

If we came across any other lunatics wanting to run a 24 hr race we will be sure to recommend your event. Once gain a huge thank you.

My husband and I both love being outdoors and active. My stepdaughter, who we see every other weekend, loves it too but is not at all used to it. We have been trying to help her get fitter and healthier and thought that the challenge of an organised event with the perfect distance of 3k (parkrun 5k has eluded and disheartened her) would help…and so it has proved!!! She has enjoyed our training walk/runs and it’s been a lovely way to spend time together. She was a bit in awe of the event itself – from the timing chip on her shoe (!!) to the warm up (which she LOVED), to the medal…!! (Which she wore for the remainder of the day and most of Sunday!!) she was even very excited to have a free banana!!!

She found the race hard (there were tears!!) but she sprinted away from us at the finish line, encouraged by everyone clapping, and was very chuffed with her goody bag. And – her fastest time out of all the training she’s done!

She hasn’t stopped talking about it and keeps asking if we can do it again!
Thank you SO much and please pass on our sincere thanks to all involved.